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Statement of Welcome

Wilmington Friends Meeting is a welcoming and affirming church. We welcome everyone regardless of age, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, or disability status. We are decidedly open to the poor in spirit, the poor in wallet, and the poor in common sense.

We welcome good Friends, bad Friends, old and new Friends, ex-Friends, prodigal Friends, stuck-up Friends, and Friends we haven’t met yet. We extend a special welcome to the following groups: people who think that Quakers are sort of like the Amish; people who aren’t really sure about this whole “religion” thing; people who are desperately in need of prayer; people who are really into Jesus; people who aren’t sure that they own a Bible; and people who are sitting through worship because they heard there would be snacks afterward.

We’re here for football moms and soccer dads, for hunters and vegetarians, for farmers and for people who could kill a fake plant. We’re here for people struggling with addiction and people in recovery, with the understanding that everybody is recovering from something. We’re here for Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, Independents, for politicians and lobbyists and tax collectors and people who have turned off the news.

Our doors are open to the happy hymn-singers and the totally tone deaf. We’re open to the redeemed, the confused, the blessed, the agnostic, and the all of the above. We’re open to teens, baby boomers, millennials, Gen-Xers, the young at heart, the old souls, the crying babies, and the people who haven’t found their label yet.

Make yourself at home. You are welcome here.

Meet Our Minister

Pastor: Julie Rudd

Julie Rudd comes to Wilmington from the snow belt of upstate New York

Meet our Clerks

Our committee clerks are given responsibility for listening to the Spirit at work within their committees, waiting for the way in which Christ is leading the group to become evident.

Marriage at Wilmington Friends Meeting

Welcome! We’re honored that you are considering having your wedding at Wilmington Friends Meeting. Let us know if you have any questions so that we can consider how best to help you have a happy and blessed celebration.

Happening Now

We Buy The Field

We Buy The Field

This Sunday, we're exploring one of my very favorite stories in the whole Bible. It’s a little hard to hear what’s happening, what with the Hanamels and the Shallums and the ancient property codes. I’m not overstating things, though, when I tell you that this is the...

Wilmington Friends to Host Spaghetti Fundraiser

Wilmington Friends to Host Spaghetti Fundraiser

You are invited to attend a Spaghetti Fundraiser at Wilmington Friends Meeting from noon—2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 15! We'll have three sauce options—traditional tomato meat sauce, alfredo, and vegetarian tomato—and also a selection of salads and desserts....