Do you need some SPICES in your life?

Members of The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, or the Friends Church,  find that listening to the Inward Christ—whom we also call the Inner Light or Inward Guide—leads to a common way of living. Because this manner of living is evidence of God’s activity among us, we call these practices our Testimonies:

Simplicity—Listening to God’s direction simplifies our lives by focusing them on relationships and concerns rather than possessions. We use our time and our material goods to participate with God in loving the world, and we don’t pursue luxuries for their own sake.

Peace—The Spirit of Christ that leads us will never move us to fight or make war against other persons or nations.

Integrity—We strive to always act what we believe, and to always let our yes mean yes and our no mean no.

Community—As individuals, we depend on our faith community to help us understand where God is leading each one of us.

Equality—We believe that because God loves all persons equally—regardless of obvious differences—we also should treat every individual with the same care and respect.

Service—We have a rich tradition of helping others through hands-on service and through work for peace and justice.