Can you tell me more about Quakers?

Certainly! If you want to know more about Quakers, here are some great places to start:

  • Just for fun: take the Beliefnet quiz to see what religion you belong in! You might be more Friendly than you think…
  • Wilmington Friends Meeting is a member of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, which is in turn part of Friends United Meeting.
  • The Quaker Information Center, a project of the Earlham School of Religion, is a great place to learn more about Quaker history, the contemporary diversity among Friends, social justice concerns related to Quakerism, and more about Quaker theology and practice.
  • At the Digital Quaker Collection, you can search a wide variety of public domain Quaker writings: journals, biographies, tracts, and more!
  • has a very nice introduction to Quakers and Quakerism, as written by Hugh Barbour and J. William Frost.
  • The purpose of Friends World Committee on Consultation is to connect Quakers all over the world. Wilmington Friends Meeting falls under the Section of the Americas. Check out all the good stuff there!
  • Friends Journal publishes stores, poems, and essays by Quakers from around the world.