You are invited to attend a Spaghetti Fundraiser at Wilmington Friends Meeting from noon—2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 15! We’ll have three sauce options—traditional tomato meat sauce, alfredo, and vegetarian tomato—and also a selection of salads and desserts. Take-out containers will be available for those who cannot stay to eat. Come visit with Friends, have a good meal, and give generously to support our fundraiser to support the Belize Friends School.

We’re hosting this Yearly Meeting fundraiser for the Belize Friends School because the School needs our help. They need to raise $37,500 in order to remain open for the remainder of the school year. That’s a big number, and there are a lot of reasons for this sudden need that you can read about on our Yearly Meeting’s website.

The students at this school are in a precarious position. The Belizean education system requires students to pass entrance exams in order to begin high school, which many students on the Southside of Belize City are unable to do. Our school offers a second chance for students who have failed the exam, offering them remedial education and the opportunity to take the test again. There isn’t another school in Belize doing exactly what Belize Friends School is doing. If the students are not able to pass the exam, the legitimate employment options for them are grim, and many turn to drug trafficking, gangs, or forms of prostitution.

The Christmas season is a busy one, and comes with many demands on your hearts and your time and your wallets. We hope you’ll put the need at the Belize Friends School—a cause that’s dear to many Friends in our meeting—on your Christmas list this year. For updates, follow our Yearly Meeting’s Facebook page!