This week in worship, we have two stories of Jesus in conflict with religious leaders about the meaning of the Sabbath. We’re exploring Luke 6:1-11, which you can read here on Bible Gateway.

Sabbath is an unfamiliar concept for many of us. It’s associated with memories of stores not being open on Sundays, and perhaps a lingering sense that certain activities aren’t appropriate for Sundays, but the idea of Sabbath as a gift and a discipline is pretty foreign. We’ll talk about healthier ways of understanding Sabbath on Sunday, but if you’d like to explore the concept ahead of time, check out these resources from the Theology of Work project. Fans of the Bible Project will appreciate this short video overview of the subject:

The Zoom link for Meeting for Worship will be in your weekly email. If you aren’t on our email list and would like the link, please message our Facebook page before 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning… worship begins at 10:00 a.m., so if you message us later than 9:30, we might miss it. You can also email us at office [at] wilmingtonfriendsohio (dot) org.

Last week’s experiment in intergenerational worship was fun! This week, our youth breakout room will be back and we’ll have a more typical sermon and period of waiting worship, but we’re hanging on to some of the interactive pieces. We’ll have an opening activity, a lesson on simplicity, and a short game on Kahoot. If you have kids in school, you’re probably familiar with seeing them play Kahoot with their classmates. Kahoot is an app that you can download on a tablet or a phone, or use in a browser on any internet-connected device. More Friends playing along will make it more fun for everyone… please feel invited to give it a try! 

After the pastoral prayer, the youth breakout room will be available. Wannetta Hartman is leading the children’s activities. She offers these resources for parents to use: a Sabbath-themed crafta coloring page, and an overview of the SPICES testimonies.

Wilmington Yearly Meeting offers these queries, which you may find helpful as you consider the concept of Sabbath rest: Does my family live in a way that promotes the sanctity and health of marriage and family life? Do we seek recreation that makes it possible to play together without great financial expenditure? How do we encourage our children to cultivate balance in their interests, activities, and relationships?